RETAILTAINMENT – The Art Of Leveraging Technology For Better Customer Engagement

RETAILTAINMENT – The Art Of Leveraging Technology For Better Customer Engagement

Have you ever pondered why certain businesses manage to be in the limelight and steal more attention than others? Constant highlighting of the brand impression is one of the main attributes along with others. What such businesses would be doing at the moment is to find ways to make hay while the sun shines. Retailtainment fixture manufacturers in india


Retailtainment is that silver lining on those dark clouds which can help you make that hay while the sun has begun to shine with the stores slowly beginning to open up now. As the name suggests, it is a combination of retail and entertainment. Founded by an American Sociologist, George Ritzer, retailtainment is the ultimate plan for retailers in the modern world. He defined it as “the use of ambience, right setup in the interiors, emotions, sound and activity to get customers interested in the merchandise.” It is an art to grab your customer’s attention in a public space.


The global pandemic in 2020 affected retailers all around the world as people were more inclined toward online shopping. It is during this post-pandemic time, when retailers can bounce back and take advantage of retailtainment if employed strategically. As people are now heading out for some fresh air, store shopping and more, there are greater chances of  retail stores doing better. But how can you apply it fruitfully? Let’s check it out!


Digital Signage: Advanced marketing has led to the introduction of digital signage that employs the concept of infotainment effectively for grabbing customer’s attention. All it requires is an LCD or LED screen that is easily visible to the masses. The 4K ultra high definition video of your brand or a specific product with attractive bright colours is sure to catch people’s eye, leading them to stop and take a look at the video. 


Type Of Content: Different types of content can be used to fulfil your purpose. Depending on your brand and reputation, you can choose static text, still graphics, floating text, pre-recorded videos, or live-streamed videos to get your audience engaged in the store. For instance, a recent football match video in a sports shop got people hooked onto it and the store ended up selling more merchandise than they expected. 


Target The Senses: The father of retailtainment had said- Use the customer’s senses to attract someone’s attention. Let us understand this better. A store selling a range of products wants its customers to spend as much time there as possible. Targeting their senses can be helpful here like attractive visual display of the items in the store, playing engaging music in the store, playing a video of a new product like perfume. Here, giving a free trial or a sample can be the icing on the cake. Experiencing the product is a step further in selling strategy. 


This is just one aspect of retailtainment. All of this will go null if one does not have a proper setup, the right fixtures to display your products, intriguing interiors or a properly designed shopping space. The visual appearance of your store creates a huge impact on a customer’s mind. Personalized design, high-quality interior solutions, and commercial furniture can help you take the entire look of your store to the next level. The Future of Retail Market in the Covid-19 World


Iron Man is to the Avengers, what Retailtainment is to retailers. Offline shopping is back in trend. The long forced imprisonment indoors due to the pandemic has made people crave to go out, try dresses and accessories, feel products and engage with people rather than idling on the sofa and ordering online. It’s time to get the business going with refurbished interiors, digital signage, and innovative content for marketing.


Be Futuristic, Engage Retailtainment.