How To Use Weather Based Marketing To Aid Your Business

How To Use Weather Based Marketing To Aid Your Business

Marketing isn’t only about the brand, but also about its consumers. To run a successful marketing campaign understanding your target audience’s current mood, natural behavior, and need of the hour is a must.

After the current state of the economy, the weather has the second biggest influence on consumer behavior. Only a one-degree rise in temperature can increase the sales by 2% in soft drinks, 24% in air conditioners, 11% in sun care products, and 2.5% in men’s shorts, to name a few. Whereas one-degree drop in temperature can elevate the sales by 2% of Soup, 3% of jackets, 5000 units of lip care, and so on. Popularly known as the ‘Profit of One Degree’, the weather has a huge impact on nearly every industry.

The good news is, you can use real-time weather data to create your next marketing campaign for guaranteed whopping success. There are multiple ways of using weather-based marketing. With these below-mentioned ways, you can take advantage of the ever-changing weather.

  1. Traditional Marketing

Run weather-based advertisements on print, television, and place billboards in high-traffic physical locations. For example- “Looks like a great weekend for a hike! + a promotional discount on hiking boots.”

  1. Digital Marketing

Create content driven by the daily forecast. You can stream a weather-related video series or send weather-centric promotional emails. Use various social media platforms and search engine marketing to promote your brand and make your audience engage with your content.

  1. Event Marketing

Events are not just for holidays. Plan a springtime event on a warm and breezy day offering free drinks and exclusive in-store coupons on your products.

  1. Informative Marketing

Use weather forecasts for spreading information as well as brand awareness. For example- “It’s going to be wet, make sure your bag is packed with a raincoat. Buy now!”+ [customized forecast]

  1. Persuasive Marketing

We all know weather influences the mood and purchasing behaviour of a potential buyer. Display advertisements reflecting the consumer’s mind frame. For example- “Miserable, isn’t it? Imagine your perfect holiday, Book it now!”

Points to keep in mind when running a weather-based marketing campaign:

  • Run weather analytics not only on sales data, but also on campaign data.
  • Use all three, past, present, and future weather data for better short-term marketing.
  • Use negative advertising on dark and gloomy days. Since bad weather triggers a negative mood.
  • Use positive advertising on warm and sunny days. Since exposure to sunlight increases our willingness to spend money and level of consumption.
  • Analyse the perfect time to run the advertisements by studying the campaign data. Since the timing of the advertisement plays a crucial role.
  • Give limited-time online coupons or free shipping on rainy days and heavy in-store discounts on warm days. Since weather also influences the channel the consumer uses to make the purchase.

And most importantly, you need the right fixtures and furniture in your retail store, because they are an integral part of a brand’s identity and storytelling. Weather-based marketing is not only a big trend but also the need of the hour, and this can be achieved only with the right fixtures and furniture. Whether you want to tell a story about how weather can change your shopping requirement or you want to showcase a new discount story on certain products, you need the perfect blend of the right interiors, fixtures, colors, lights and so much more, along with keeping your weather eye on. Do you Agree to Agree?