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Client Satisfaction – Why is it so crucial at Autumnwood?

‘Customer is king’ is a cliche for a reason. Ensuring ultimate satisfaction of the client is so critical for any business to succeed in the long run and Autumnwood is no exception. 

We started off years ago with this lofty goal of delighting clients and it certainly has paid off today. Based on our experience, here are 9 reasons why client satisfaction is crucial for us (and anyone else who would like to succeed like us)!

  1.  Reputation: A business that consistently delivers high-quality products and exceptional customer service will have a positive reputation and attract new clients while retaining existing ones. 
  2. Repeat Business: Satisfied clients are more likely to return for repeat business and make additional purchases. This leads to increased revenues and a more stable customer base. This can, in turn, increase the customer lifetime value (CLV) of a business, which is the total amount of revenue a business can expect to generate from a single customer over their lifetime.
  3. Referrals: Word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients are a powerful form of marketing for a business. Happy clients are more likely to recommend the business to their friends, family, and colleagues, which can result in new business opportunities and increased revenue.
  4. Competitive Advantage: In today’s competitive business environment, client satisfaction can be a key differentiator. A business that consistently delivers exceptional customer service with high-quality products will stand out from the competition.
  5. Innovation: Client feedback and satisfaction can be a valuable source of information for a business looking to innovate and improve its products and services. Through feedback, a business can stay ahead of the competition and continue to grow and succeed in its industry.
  6. Employee Satisfaction: Client satisfaction can also impact employee satisfaction and morale. When employees see that their hard work is making a positive impact on clients, they are more likely to feel motivated and engaged in their work.
  7. Cost Savings: Satisfied clients are less likely to require refunds or exchanges, which can result in cost savings for a business. They also are less likely to complain or leave negative reviews, saving the business of its reputation management costs.
  8. Brand Loyalty: Satisfied clients are more likely to become loyal to a brand, which can lead to increased brand recognition and advocacy. This can be particularly valuable in industries where brand recognition and customer loyalty are critical factors for success.
  9. Continuous Improvement: By listening to its clients and continually improving its products and services, a business can stay relevant and competitive in its industry, and continue to grow and succeed over time.

 At Autumnwood, our goal is to create furniture and fixtures that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Our clients’ satisfaction is what gives us self-satisfaction and a sense of joy at the end of each day. Knowing that we have made a positive impact on someone’s life or business is what motivates us to wake up every morning and continue doing what we do best.

An Innovative Approach In Designing Furniture And Fixtures

Do you know how many cervical vertebrae (neck bones) are there in a human being? The answer is 7. Now, estimate how many neck bones a giraffe has. If you weren’t previously aware, hold your breath. It is just 7 again! However, each cervical vertebra in a giraffe’s neck can be over 10 inches long. This is a unique innovation by Mother Nature where the same number of bones are redesigned to occupy and functionally support 6-feet necks! Thus, giraffes can reach high leaves and branches for food in the dry grasslands.

We Are Inspired by Nature’s Innovation

Autumnwood’s innovation in furniture and fixtures as part of its custom-designed, turnkey solutions for clients is inspired largely by nature’s innovation. Just as bones provide support and structure to a body, we believe that furniture and fixtures provide support and structure to a living space. Well-chosen and well-placed furniture and fixtures can transform a space into a comfortable, inviting, and functional area for living, working, and socialising. From providing seating and storage to defining areas and creating a certain ambiance, furniture and fixtures greatly impact the functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of a space. That is why, like nature, we craft different ‘fixtures’ based on the desired ‘neck design’!

 Autumnwood’s focus on customising furniture based on the specific requirements of each client is what sets us apart as a leader in the furniture industry. It emphasises the importance of personalised design in creating functional and comfortable living spaces.

Formula and Process for Happy Clients

This innovative approach to designing furniture and fixtures is based on prioritising the size and proportions of a space, along with the specific functionalities and communication that the client envisions for that space. So, whether the client is Reebok, Dell, Style Up or Rare Rabbit the innovative approach is the same while the final results of the interior design with furniture and fixtures are dramatically different. It begins with consultation and needs assessment. Then comes space planning which creates a preliminary layout that maximises functionality and aesthetic appeal. Upon approval, the detailed drawings and renderings showcase the proposed design. This is implemented with perfect synchronicity by the Autumnwood artisans. Feedback is invited from the clients at every stage of the process.

Thus, Reebok gets a space that exudes its focus on performance and fitness while Style Up is built to communicate trendiness and affordability. The furniture and fixtures for Rare Rabbit complement its unique and high-quality products that are both stylish and functional while the interiors for Dell communicate customisation and affordable technology solutions.

Innovation – The Soul Of Any Enterprise

Innovation has been a driving force behind the growth and success of many of the world’s most successful civilizations and businesses. From the earliest civilizations, people have always sought new and better ways of doing things, leading to the creation of countless technologies and products that have changed the course of history. Take, for example, the wheel. The invention of this simple device revolutionised transportation and commerce, enabling goods to be transported more efficiently and over greater distances. The printing press, the telephone, and the Internet are just a few more examples of the profound impact that innovation can have on the world.

Innovation – Converting Ideas To Invoices

 In recent years, innovation has become increasingly important as businesses compete for advantage in a rapidly changing global marketplace. From the largest corporations to the smallest startups, companies are investing heavily in research and development, seeking new and better ways to meet the needs of their customers and stay ahead of the curve. According to a recent report by the World Intellectual Property Organization, global spending on research and development which was $1.7 trillion in 2018 had reached $2.5 trillion in 2022. This represents a significant increase from just a few years ago and is a testament to the importance that companies place on innovation.

Innovation – The Biggest USP Any Company Can Have

 One of the key benefits of innovation is that it allows companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering unique products or services. Innovation also helps companies to stay ahead of the curve in terms of changing customer preferences and new technologies. For example, companies that were quick to embrace e-commerce and mobile technology are now enjoying significant advantages over those that are slower to adopt these trends. The success of Amazon shows the power of innovation in driving business growth and success. By continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible and embracing new technologies, Amazon has become a leader in the e-commerce industry and a model for other companies looking to innovate and grow.

 Another important benefit of innovation is that it can lead to improved efficiency and cost savings. By streamlining processes and finding new and more efficient ways of doing things, companies can reduce costs and increase productivity, allowing them to remain competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Embrace Innovation And Prosper

 Despite the many benefits of innovation, many companies struggle to cultivate a culture of innovation within their organisations. This can be due to a lack of resources, a lack of leadership support, or a lack of understanding about the value of innovation. To overcome these challenges, companies need to make a concerted effort to foster a culture of innovation. This can involve investing in training and development programs for employees, encouraging a spirit of experimentation and risk-taking, and creating an environment where new ideas are celebrated and embraced.

 At Autumnwood, it is no different. Innovation is the soul of our organization and our key to success, in this rapidly changing business landscape. We believe that the only way to stay ahead is to constantly create and recreate. It is innovation that distinguishes a market-leader and a market-follower.

Customer Expectations Through Store Displays & Furniture| Retail Fixture Suppliers

If you want a formula for guaranteed success in business, it is to set realistic customer expectations and strive your best to exceed them. Underpromise and overdeliver are the keywords! But then, customer expectations are continually evolving as technology advances and societal norms change. Some of the trends in customer expectations that businesses face include:

  1. Increased convenience: Customers expect to be able to shop and make purchases anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This includes the expectation of seamless, omnichannel experiences across online and offline channels.
  2. Personalization: Customers expect personalised experiences and products that are tailored to their individual needs and preferences.
  3. Speed: Customers expect fast delivery times and immediate responses to their inquiries and complaints.
  4. Transparency: Customers expect honesty and transparency from businesses, including clear and accurate information about products, prices, and policies.
  5. Social responsibility: Customers are increasingly considering a company’s impact on the environment and society when making purchasing decisions.
  6. Quality: Customers expect high-quality products and services that meet their needs and expectations.

To meet these changing customer expectations, businesses must stay attuned to the evolving needs and preferences of their target markets and be willing to adapt and innovate in response. Overall, the key is to be adaptable and responsive to changing customer expectations. For instance, by regularly reassessing your store layout, product mix, and displays, you can stay ahead of trends and meet the needs of your customers. Here are a few ways that you can use your store’s furniture, shelves, and displays to keep up with changing customer expectations:

  1. Use flexible and modular furniture: Furniture that can be easily rearranged or reconfigured can help you quickly adapt to changing customer preferences or trends. For example, if you sell clothing, you might consider using freestanding clothing racks or wall-mounted shelves that can be moved around to create different displays.
  2. Utilise digital displays: Digital displays, such as screens or tablets, can be a great way to showcase products, provide information, or even entertain customers. They can also be easily updated to reflect changing preferences or new products.
  3. Make use of strategic placement: Consider where you place different products in your store. You can use shelf placement and other visual merchandising techniques to guide customer attention and encourage them to browse certain areas or products.
  4. Keep things organised and visually appealing: A clean, well-organised store can make a big difference in how customers perceive your business. Make sure that your shelves and displays are well-maintained and visually appealing, as this can help create a positive impression and encourage customers to browse and shop.

Autumnwood has decades of experience customising and personalising display and furniture solutions to enhance the retail experience and exceed customer expectations. Please leave your comments here if you liked the blog and learn more about opening up new vistas for your business’ retail growth.

Growing Importance of Physical Stores in the Ecommerce Era

“Everything at the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger” is the mantra these days. With ecommerce proliferating for years now and the Covid-19 pandemic giving virtual retail across the world a powerful boost, one actually wondered whether the death knell for physical retail was ringing. To add to it is the fact that in the United States alone, nearly 25000 stores closed in 2020-21.

And yet, in 2022, 87% of all the sales happen at physical stores and more than 94% customers have returned to the act of physical shopping. Though ecommerce has prospered, physical retail continues to rule the roost. As a retailer, you should definitely invest in physical stores and here are reasons why. 

  1. According to KPMG, consumers prefer physical stores as they get to see, experience as well as test the products in person before making the purchase decision. The physical location, by offering hands-on experience with the product increases the probability of a sale.
  2. Research indicates that salespeople influence at least 60% of the prospective customers into making a purchase. It also shows that more than 75% of customers tend to purchase more under the influence of excellent service.
  3. Attractive displays of complementary and supplementary products in the store ensures increased sales volume as customers indulge in buying additional items. Getting a world-class professional like Autumnwood to plan and craft your display units also bolsters sales.
  4. The retail landscape has gotten very competitive and the best way to stand out is to create a brand. The physical store is still the best possible method to create the brand experience for the consumers.
  5. It has been proven that consumers return anywhere between 20%-40% of the products purchased online. When it comes to physical stores however, the range is between 5%-10%. Even in the case of an exchange, it costs less at the physical store since shipping and packaging costs are eliminated.
  6. Logistics, packaging and transportation costs can increase exponentially and erode your margins when it comes to ecommerce. Physical stores can help out here by acting as warehouses or fulfilment centres to reduce inventory costs on one hand and enhance your geographical reach on the other.
  7. Your physical store is a fertile ground to obtain critical customer data to study and understand trends based on actual observation of customers’ interactions with the space and products in the store.
  8. The ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) found that the website traffic got enhanced by 37% in the quarter after a physical store was opened. This isn’t surprising because with the presence of a store, there is an automatic increase in the number of online mentions and web searches. All of these result in increased profitability.

 When you decide to take the plunge to open your first store or branch stores in different geographies, make your displays stand out and call out to your potential customers. Contact Autumnwood for quality-driven and custom-manufactured end-to-end interior solutions and turnkey projects. And we will do it as easy as a click of a mouse or tap of a finger for you!

Making Studies Memorable with the Right Furniture

It would stun anyone to know that more than 25% of a child’s life is spent in the school’s furniture! Considering a 7-8 hour day at school and a 5-6 day week, the maths easily works itself. While we spend hours and days debating and discussing chairs, tables and beds for our children at home, we possibly do not consider the furniture even in the slightest when we enrol them into school! 

This is an important point for school principals, administrators, management and purchasing boards to consider while furnishing the classrooms and school premises. In fact, in this day and age of heightened awareness, many schools have utilised their furniture as a strong marketing point.

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 Basics Of Classroom Furniture

​​The furniture used in any classroom must not occupy more than 50% of the space to allow for free movement without accidents or injuries. It is very important that it encourages the perfect sitting posture – with the children’s backs against the chairs and the feet on the floor. The desk/table should be at a comfortable height to make the student focus well without distractions. When all this is done right, there is a much higher probability of the student delivering his/her best performance academically. Classroom furniture thus becomes the teacher’s best aide!

Best Wood For Best Furniture

 Here are three concepts from the Autumnwood designers to theme your classrooms depending on the students’ needs. 

  1. Flexi-Furniture – This concept is based on the fact that an active student scientifically has a greater probability of better grades than the less active ones. And to keep the student active, it would be great to have adjustable tables and chairs made of pliable wood or softer wood. One could make use of multi-tasking furniture like table-chair pairs that fit into each other to form cubes/boxes. Foldable tables that open up from the wall when necessary also offer flexibility and space.
  2. Collab-Furniture – Education is no longer about a teacher writing stuff on the blackboard and the students sincerely noting it in their books! Even from the primary school level, students are being encouraged to work collaboratively, in groups to build their EQ along with the IQ. Now, if the students have to spend time and energy rearranging the furniture for collaborative activities, the teacher/mentor might choose to skip such activities. Lightweight benches/desks, furniture with built-in power outlets, modular tables, and chairs with wheels or casters are some ideas to build on.
  3. Tech-Furniture – Another global trend in education is that it has become very visual and multimedia oriented. Today’s job market has a workforce that uses advanced technology. Thus, making students tech-savvy should be a priority for educational institutions. Multimedia tables, display units/holders and furniture with scope to accommodate smart-screens, power outlets and cables should be the favourites of any futuristic school.

Whatever be the concepts we choose while building the classroom, the furniture should inspire students while keeping them alert and attentive. It should motivate and stimulate on one hand and nurture and relax on the other. Do get in touch with our in-house experts to give the much-needed furniture-boost to your school classrooms.

The Perfect Furniture To Make Your Cafe Stand Out

Think of sipping a coffee in Starbucks or Cafe Coffee Day!!! Is it the best coffee in the world? The answer to that question will definitely vary because tastes differ. However, a vast majority will agree that sipping a coffee in Starbucks or Cafe Coffee Day is among the best coffee-drinking experiences in the world! It is not about the coffee alone but the experience of drinking it which builds the perception. That is where the ambiance and the furniture of your cafe gain importance in determining what customers think of you! In other words, you might be selling the best coffee but if the furniture is not right for your Cafe, then it will be pretty tough going.

 Make Your Brand Stand Out

Every café has its own unique menu which it builds on to increase its popularity. The same principle applies for its furniture as well. Fun and unique furniture is a definite way to establish a brand or enhance its popularity. Having been in the furniture business for decades at Autumnwood, we can authoritatively state that many cafés and restaurants have even started updating their interior every four to five years in order to be competitive and build excitement in their customers. It is evident that through differentiation, the interiors contribute to the success of the café more now than ever before. 

Rising Incomes And Rising Expectations

Unique furniture in cafés is not a novel concept in the developed world. It is almost a necessity. For instance, the Ampersand Café in Poland invested in bentwood stools and chairs to complement its indoor dining areas. The natural timber blended beautifully amidst the antique sofas, tables and fireplaces. The resulting ambiance from the renovation increased sales by 30%!

 India is surging on its way to become the 4th largest economy in the world and nobody dare call it a ‘developing country’ any more. Within rising incomes come increased standards of living and with that comes increased expectations. It is little wonder then that quaint coffee shops and unique coffee-houses have become the favourite haunt of the new generation.

Furniture ‘Tailormade’ For Cafe Themes

The kind of furniture that you will finally settle on for your cafe depends on your vision of the kind of customer you want to frequent it. If it is meant for the office-goers and the working populace looking for a quick morning or evening fix, functional tables and chairs with neat lines would be the choice. However, if it is meant to serve as a hangout space, then the furniture needs to cater to practicality and comfort. If your café is an outdoor one, you may pick bistro furniture made from rattan or wicker materials but if it is an upscale café in the elegant indoors, bentwood furniture is a good pick.

 Do get in touch with us and our expert craftspeople will craft the furniture that best suits your café. And we assure you ofthe most attractive prices across India.

International Day of the Girl Child- Autumnwood

International Day of the Girl Child

Did you know that if you were a woman travelling in a car, there is a 47% greater chance of severe injury in case of a crash because the safety features of the car are designed for men? Did you know that everyday 33000 girls become child-brides? Did you know that only 6 countries in the world give women equal legal rights as men? We could go on with more such shocking gender-disparity statistics. But we will stop because we know we have got your attention.

The Need For International Day Of The Girl Child

“All men are created equal” is a popular and famous statement that emphasises universal equality among all human beings. The irony however, lies in the very wording of the statement because it uses the term ‘man’ to denote humans! What about women and girls? For centuries now, women have been restricted to varying degrees in exercising their human rights and enjoying fundamental freedoms. This silent and accepted discrimination based on gender begins from the womb and extends till the tomb. So deeply ingrained is this inequity and apathy towards the girl child that we need an International Day to recognize the rights of girls and the unique challenges that they face around the world!

Breaking The Glass Ceiling

Times are changing though. It started with one-off cases of girls breaking barriers and boundaries created by stereotypes and exclusion. As awareness and efforts grew, the number of girls and women breaking the glass ceiling across fields also grew. Today, when girls  with disabilities and those who are living in marginalised communities shine forth, it represents a definite paradigm shift. Girls are today creating a new world that is relevant in the present and for the future. They are rising as professionals, stepping forward as innovators, entrepreneurs and initiators of movements globally.

It has become increasingly clear that empowering girls and ensuring gender equality is critical to accelerate the sustainable and all-round development of society. Ending all kinds of discrimination against women and girls is not only about upholding human rights, but it is also about correcting historical human wrongs!

Yet So Far…

Despite all the progress so far, girls across the globe continue to face multiple challenges in securing education, physical health, mental wellness and protections for a life without violence. It is worse for girls with disabilities and the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened things even more for girls. Important gains they had made over the last decade have been eroded in just 2 years.  The World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report of 2018 clearly stated that it would take at least 108 more years to achieve gender parity at the current progress rate!

The UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) has proclaimed the 2022 theme for the International Day of the Girl Child as “Our time is now – our rights, our future”. Well, whatever be your gender, the time to act is definitely now and there is no time to waste. We are running quite late already!

Challenges Facing Retailers Today

For a retailer, these are the best of times; these are the worst of times! These are times of plenty as far as the pool of customers is concerned; these are times of scarcity as far as the customers’ loyalty is concerned! The same technology and channels that empower the retailers have also empowered the customers. And when you think about it, most customers are also retailers of some product or service. Thus they are aware of standards expected. Thus, any retailer today faces at least 8 challenges:

 The customer is pampered for choices. Gone are the times when he had to choose between a handful of brands. Today, there are dozens and even hundreds of brands even in the luxury sector which was supposed to be exclusive in every way.

  1. Every customer is more knowledgeable and she compares each little feature, advantage and disadvantage of the product/service to assess the value for money it offers before making a purchase.
  2. Armed with greater knowledge and greater choices, the customer takes much longer to become loyal to a brand. Every retailer has to invest much more resources to get a conversion and even more resources to ensure that the customer returns for repeat purchases.
  3. The traditional hierarchy of a manufacturer selling to wholesalers who in turn sell to retailers is fast breaking down. Realising the potential of brand-building and retail sales, many companies are also launching their own individual retail channels. Thus, the competition is hotting up and it is only bound to get more intense.
  4. The digital disruption has hit hard at the retail industry. Today, it is no longer good enough to have a strong physical presence providing a wonderful customer experience. The lines between the real and virtual worlds have almost smudged and the customer seeks a multi-channel experience while purchasing. And there too, the customer demands the same experience and treatment with no difference between the virtual store and the brick and mortar store.
  5. For a retailer, it is no longer sufficient to be able to provide the highest quality of goods or services. The demanding customer seeks experiences today. Thus, the retailer faces the challenge to gather, integrate, analyse and intelligently use customer data to constantly innovate personalised and customised experiences. This is what makes the purchase process memorable.
  6. With the explosion of social and digital media and technologies, retailers face the dilemma of having to choose and pick the optimal channels for communication and the best technologies for results.
  7. Leveraging customer data brings immense benefits for retailers. But it is a double-edged sword opening up a pandora’s box of security concerns. The slightest error could potentially lead to great damages to the customer and so, badle affect the retailer too.

 If failures are stepping stones, challenges are escalators towards greater success! When the retailer puts in efforts to achieve seamless multi-channel experience, customised offerings and genuine customer service, there is bound to be success that builds customer loyalty which lasts for years.

Customer Retention – How Critical It Is Nowadays

In this data-driven age where everything is broken down to and measured by numbers, it is a startling statistic that acquiring a new customer costs 7 times more than retaining an existing one! That fact alone should be sufficient to emphasise the criticality of customer retention. Yet, more than 50% of companies and brands have greater focus and emphasis on customer acquisition compared to the mere 16% that focus and emphasis on customer retention!

 Why Customer Retention Becomes Even More Important…

 Since existing customers contribute 65% on an average of a company’s business and are also 50% more likely to try out new products, evidence is clear that retaining customers should be the dominant strategy for any brand or business. However, nowadays, customer retention becomes even more important primarily because of the following 4 reasons. 

  1. Gen Z, the latest generation which is becoming adults, is the potential customer group for almost all businesses. This generation is very experimental in its mindset and are immune to the traditional marketing strategies for customer-retention. They have the least brand loyalty among all the generations so far. They are also the most diverse generation racially and ethnically. Naturally, they have forced businesses to completely rethink strategies on how to retain them. 
  2. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the world more virtual and digital with multiple competitors lurking just a click away from customers. In this aggressive and predatory scenario online, customer loyalty is possibly the brand’s/business’ only defence. 
  3. Sensing the shoppers preference for brands and businesses that run loyalty programs, more and more businesses and brands are coming out with such programs. Therefore, loyalty programs are slowly becoming more of an expectation rather than something that delights the customer. This will force brands to think deeper and innovatively to retain customers. 
  4. From 0% a few months ago, the chances of a global recession exacerbated by inflation is close to 40% in 2022-23. Everyone cuts back on spending (especially on discretionary items) and the least affected brands will be those with the highest customer loyalties.

The Key To Customer Retention

A whopping 89% of companies agree that the most important factor driving both customer loyalty and customer retention is the customer experience. Customers have been so pampered these days that they expect delightful experiences throughout the purchase and service journeys.

Creating an experience that is more immersive and engaging, rewarding the brand pioneers and first users, inspiring and motivating consumers beyond the product/service, making shopping fun by taking it social and finding newer ways and means to save the consumers’ time will all make for a delightful customer experience. That in turn will enhance their loyalty and boost your business’ fortunes.