Reopening School Spaces Post-Pandemic | – Combat Challenges With Simple Solutions

Reopening School Spaces Post-Pandemic | – Combat Challenges With Simple Solutions

It has been more than a year that working online from home has been the norm for adults and children. After remaining shut in the houses for more than a year, it’s time to return to the routine again and start living a normal life, but with precautions. School furniture manufacturer in India

Children have been the most affected due to the pandemic, as they were robbed of a year of their school life and fun with peers. With successful vaccination drives, several schools are reopening soon giving a ray of hope for the little ones. Having said that, the situation is still risky which makes it important for schools and educational institutions to take precautionary measures against the deadly coronavirus.

Let’s check out what are the main solutions schools must be prepared for to combat the challenges posed by the current pandemic.

Solutions schools must keep in mind while reopening Post-Pandemic

  • Regularly Sanitize the Campus: The first and the foremost step to keep in mind while reopening institutions is to thoroughly sanitize all the classrooms, staff rooms, playground, laboratory, and every other corner. The campus should be sanitized properly before children reach the school to keep the coronavirus at bay. This will ensure that the campus is ready for students and teachers to return without fear
  • Install Important Equipment: Though the school premises have been always providing a safe and sanitized environment to students, it is now imperative to ensure a virus free environment. Thus, it is of primary importance to install equipment for alcohol-based sanitisers at various stations in the campus for the safety of each and every person present in the school.
  • Thermal Scanning: It is the responsibility of the schools to keep the virus at an arm’s length for which they now have to install thermal scanning systems on the premises. All teachers, students, and workers will have to go through thermal scanning while entering the building to diagnose, if anyone may have feverish symptoms.
  • Social Distancing, Masks & Gloves: After keeping everything in check, school organizations will also have to enforce social distancing, wearing of masks and washing of hands periodically among other safety measures. This will stop the transfer of the disease from the infected person to another and curb it then and there.
  • Enough Ventilation: Ventilation plays a crucial role in protecting people from the virus as it increases outdoor airflow and reduces the potential concentration of virus particles in the air. School organizations have to make sure that the ventilation systems are timely serviced and working properly.
  • Placement of Furniture in class: Reorganising furniture to facilitate distancing is a priority in classrooms. This may involve changing two-seaters to single-seaters. Schools may also look at changing the seating formation in a room.

With schools and other education institutes reopening soon, it is essential to keep everything in check and maintain a healthy environment to offer a safe and sound place for children to learn and prosper. These organizations have to follow the mandatory regulations and stay updated with the new rules to keep everyone’s health on priority.