We are a fast-growing team of ambitious, mission-driven people. We draw on talent from around the nation, where freshers are encouraged to develop their skills, so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. At Autumnwood, experienced professionals have the freedom to bring in fresh prospects without compromising on the company’s philosophy. We are a dynamic, international and multicultural environment that values collaboration and strong working relationships.

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Working with Autumnwood means taking part in a world of talent and excellence. Constant motivation, dynamism and creativity will make you grow professionally in the company. Here you will be working with professionals who are at the top of their fields. Our mission demands the creative and collaborative work of a talented and diverse team.

We are open to having the best people in the industry. We always look for multifaceted talent with encouraging and developing potential.

Openings we have

Project Engineer

Position – 2
Qualification – B Tech
Experience – 1 to 3 years
Location – Bangalore

What you’ll do on the job:

  • Completes engineering projects by organizing and controlling project elements.
  • Develops project objectives by reviewing project proposals and plans and conferring with management.
  • Determines project responsibilities by identifying project phases and elements,
  • Determines project specifications by studying product design, customer requirements, and performance standards.
  • Completes technical studies and prepares cost estimates.
  • Confirms product performance by designing
  • Determines project schedule by studying project plan and specifications, calculating time requirements, and sequencing project elements.
  • Maintains project schedule by monitoring project progress, coordinating activities, and resolving problems.
  • Controls project plan by reviewing design, specifications, and plan, scheduling changes, and recommending actions.
  • Controls project costs by approving expenditures and administering contractor contracts.
  • Prepares project status reports
  • Maintains safe and clean working environment by enforcing procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Design engineer

Position – 2
Location – Bangalore & Faridabad


  • Previous experience as a Design Engineer or a similar role – 3+ years of experience
  • Proven experience using CAD software; knowledge of SolidWorks is a plus
  • Good understanding of safety standards and environmental impact of a design
  • Ability to present in front of stakeholders and managers
  • Great computational and spatial ability
  • Excellent oral and written communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering or a similar field

What you’ll do on the job:

  • Design new engineering products and processes
  • Craft models and drawings of products using CAD
  • Analyse prototype data and retest if needed
  • Research new product ideas and methods
  • Improve existing products and processes
  • Ensure compliance with the industry’s safety standards
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Ensure products are user- and environment-friendly
  • Interaction with client for detailing
  • Find creative design solutions to problems
  • Present prototypes and designs to customers and project managers

Project engineer - Interior / Asst. manager Projects (Interior)

Position – 1
Location – Bangalore
Joining – Immediately


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related field required
  • 4+ years’ related field and project execution experience
  • Excellent project management skills desired
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Field management experience
  • Enterprise-level computer platform experience required

What you’ll do on the job:

  • Correspondence with client / consultants / subcontractors.
  • Coordinate with different local authorities to obtain drawing approvals.
  • Should be aware of health and safety guidelines related to interior fit out project management.
  • Will have to send weekly updates and prepare minutes of the meeting.
  • Coordination with design
  • Preparing the estimation
  • Assuring correct and Precise documentation of materials, inspections and closure documentation.
  • Analyse project bottleneck and taking immediate action.
  • Will have to coordinate with multiple suppliers and team members.
  • Prepare project schedule.
  • Preparing and reviewing method statements and work specific quality control plans. Ensuring materials received are in accordance with quantity and quality. Monitor and control materials release from suppliers.
  • Monitor and insure a strict adherence to the production schedule.
  • Prepare and submit production update reports regularly and as needed, inclusive but not limited to daily activities, deviations from targets, returns and other related issues.
  • Assure quality standards are met and report any deviations from the standards and direct the corrective actions for different production units.
  • Maintain records of the transfer slips with any quality issues arise over the production course.
  • Verify, coordinate and participate (as needed) in site surveys before proceeding with production to validate the project drawings.
  • Keep proper and updated records of site surveys.
  • Arrange production force into balanced groups and distribute jobs between them maintaining proper coordination and integration between different groups.
  • Reconcile time records (Exact time) against production targets.
  • Monitor material usage and ensure the least waste overall production processes.
  • Propose and implement innovative ideas to save materials and man/hours

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