How Right Kind Of School Furniture Can Boost Children’s Reading Skills?

How Right Kind Of School Furniture Can Boost Children’s Reading Skills?

Reading is an incredibly important part of your child’s emotional and intellectual development and fostering the love for books is the cornerstone of education, especially in the early years. However, boosting an enthusiasm for old fashioned paper, in the face of endless screen technology, can be a daunting task for even the most talented teachers. 

According to a latest study, clever classroom designs and carefully considered educational furniture works alongside factors like colour, light and air quality to improve performance by as much as 16%. Let’s see how choosing the right education furniture can boost a child’s reading skills. 

Why Are Bookcases Important? 

Strong reading skills set your child up for success, later in life in many ways and bookcases play an equally important role. Let’s see how. 

  • Organisation: A good quality bookcase is a way to keep your books organised. It makes it easy for students to find what they are looking for. Organising the books by subject or by reading level, keeping everything in place makes things easier for the children. It minimizes any barriers created through frustration at not being able to find what is being sought.
  • Accessibility: Easy accessibility and freedom to choose a book is a crucial part of developing a genuine love for reading. Good quality educational furniture that allows easy accessibility to younger children to pick out a book of their choice without any additional safety concerns can add value to their reading experience.
  • Added appeal: Different colours that highlight a bookcase can add appeal to what may otherwise seem fusty. Flamboyant colours like yellow or red will draw attention and inspire children to explore the shelves.

How to Install A Bookcase When Space is A Constraint?

A full-size bookcase may not be a practical option, especially when space is a constraint. In such a situation, choosing something like a mobile base unit can prove helpful. It can be used to create a book nook, where children can select books as per their willing. A flat worktop to display the books is another good way to make it easy for younger children to choose.

Good furniture, comfortable chairs and tables can make the overall reading area special. Also, it will make it easy for the children to keep books neat and tidy at the end of the reading session.  The concept of a clever classroom is deceptively simple and choosing the right educational furniture is invaluable in helping children garner a true love of the written word.